If you wish to learn a united states accent, you’re in the best place. I am going to inform you 3 steps how to get it done. These are!

1. Learn pronunciation rules

Learn all pronunciation rules – how you can pronounce vowels (very important), consonants and diphthongs (two vowel sounds occurring inside the same syllable – for instance in “boy” or “cow”). It’s also wise to know very well what the “schwa” is, which words it seems in and the way to pronounce it. The “schwa” is essential!

2. Determine what the right intonation is and the way to stress words

Find out about content words and structure words and don’t forget which of them are stressed and which of them aren’t. This should help you avoid misunderstandings thus making you seem more interesting. Also, focus on how you can stress syllables. Sometimes people might not understand you should you stress wrong syllables!

3. Learn to connect words together

If you wish to seem smoother, you need to learn to properly connect words together. This makes you seem a lot more natural. It will help you realize Americans better.

Follow these 3 easy steps and I am sure that you’ll greatly enhance your American accent. However, you need to bear in mind it’s not really a fast solution. If you do not practice, you will not improve.

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