Microsoft’s productivity software was extremely popular during the 90’s and early 00’s. However, as more effective platforms came about on the market place, it appears that despite its advantages, MS Stand out does not possess a obvious role to participate in the way forward for the information analytics.

1. Data Limit – As helpful as Microsoft’s tool could be, it’s seriously hampered by its limitation of allowing no more than millions of lines of information lines within an stand out sheet. Obviously, you will find workarounds that may be performed, but this is when MS Stand out does not deserve is the first option to run analysis on data sizes that are much bigger than million lines. When we browse around and merely imagine, you will find limited scenarios where data is extracted of under millions of lines.

2. Dashboards – Microsoft Stand out was once the conventional for creating dashboards to produce a story for clients. You will find a multitude of possibilities in stand out to achieve this task. However, because of performance issues mainly, information mill now preferring to make use of tools like Tableau and Spotfire with this task. This really is so because, MS Stand out files/workbooks have a tendency to become heavy and hard to operate on when lots of different tasks associated with dashboards are now being performed. Consequently, it feels natural use Tableau or Spotfire as tools to produce dashboards for data that’s been prepared in MS Stand out possibly.

3. Data Transformation – It’s not obvious, if Microsoft Stand out was always made to transform data raw documents, the way it isn’t fully competent to working using more than millions of lines in one sheet as well as there are just a restricted quantity of causes of data which may be directly imported in to the Stand out tool. Also, in domains like audit and risk, it is crucial so that you can log all of the tasks performed throughout the data transformation steps i.e. line counts, quantity of fields etc. to be able to facilitate quality reviews by different levels management. ACL Audit Command Language or SAS tend to be more suited to these kinds of needs.

The logical conclusion want to know , appears to become that although Microsoft Stand out is definitely an very capable tools with many different strengths, it certainly does appear it does not possess a significant role to participate in the way forward for data analytics where more and more the is moving towards predictive analytics. However, despite a reduced role, MS Stand out is certainly set up a baseline skill it the building blocks for just about any data analytics project and really should remain later on too.

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