Have you ever given a thought about whether your driving is safe or not? Millions of people die in car accidents all over the globe, and many of these can be avoided by fixing simple problems. Unfortunately, most people don’t give their driving a second thought.

If you want to become a safer driver, you have to first identify common mistakes that you might be making every time you get behind the wheel, and completely eliminate them. Not only this, but you also have to make sure that you learn safe driving from a professional. The Safer Drivers Course is one of the best options for people who want to learn how to drive safely.

It teaches drivers how to adopt safer driving practices, and it also makes them more aware of mistakes that they might be making every now and then. Remember, all it takes is a split second to ruin not just yours, but others’ lives as well, so safe driving is something that should be taken seriously. Here are some common mistakes that you must eliminate from your driving to become a safer driver.

Checking Your Phone

Arguably the biggest problem and one of the leading causes of accidents on the road is the constant phone checking. There is no reason for you to pick up your phone or check your messages while you are out on the road. Not only do you put your life on the line every time you do, but of those around you as well.

If your focus is not in front of you at all times, you are exposing yourself to serious risk. It’s recommended that you stop checking your phone and letting your attention wander every time a notification comes on.

Keeping Your Hands on the Wheel

Furthermore, many people make the mistake of taking their hands off the wheel when driving. Always put two hands on the wheel when you are driving. If you drive a manual car, you should only take one hand off to change the gears, and your attention should always be on the road in front of you.

Maintaining Safe Distance

Another mistake that drivers make is that they do not maintain a safe distance from those in front of them. It’s recommended that you maintain a considerable distance depending on your speed so that in case they brake, you don’t drive straight into them.

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