Studying math for an exam might defer a little when compared to the other subjects taught in school as a student requires more practise to ace a Math exam. A Math exam is an apt example for the saying, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Hence, this is the main reason behind the teacher assigning tedious homework problems for the student to solve during his time at home after the concept being taught in class. Here are some points that will help you in your preparation for your Maths exam.

Look over your class notes:
Taking notes in class is a necessary habit to be followed as it will help you during your time of reference. After school, make it a habit to spend at least 15-20 minutes to review the notes that you had taken down on a regular basis to be thorough with the unit. As the test approaches, the regular daily revision that you have done will make your final revision to be a walk in the park.

Do problems similar to those that were assigned for homework:
Supposing the teacher has assigned you a problem on greatest common factor to work with odd numbers, and then try those problems with even numbers as well. This will help to strengthen your areas in the specified unit to tackle any question that is asked in the question paper. If doubts occur during your solution, remember to clarify it with the teacher as this will help to have a better understanding of the concept.

Join a Group Study:
Since maths is a subject that can be solved through various solutions, it is good to work out problems with a group as learning how a problem can be solved through various solutions will help you understand the concept in different ways. Certain solutions that you might find difficulty in, can be taught to you in a much simpler method by a study partner. If the group is confused about something, ask the teacher for help.

Reward yourself for studying hard:
After a few hours of intense training, it’s time to treat yourself. Having a practise of treating yourself will help you to stay motivated and relax your mind. Treating yourself could be in the form of eating something you like, going on a bike ride, playing a game for a while or whatever you enjoy doing.

Rest and eat well before the exam:
All the steps required for the preparation of the exam are important, but the most important step is to stay stress-free as the exam approaches and getting a good night’s sleep before the night of the exam. Eating right and healthy before the exam is also an important factor as you wouldn’t want to feel heavy or uneasy during the time of the exam.

Here we have seen some tips that will help to study math before an exam.  The topics that you find complicated for example, area of a triangle; those concepts require more time for practise and a better understanding of the concept. You can also subscribe to our Byju’s YouTube channel that explains the concept through visual learning to help understand those complicated topics.

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