Student Retention: A key point in Greater Education

Most likely probably the most serious issue universites and colleges face nowadays is how you can maintain their students. The very fact alone that less and less students enroll every year already causes it to be a substantial task for managers to operate their schools effectively.

Retained are individuals who enroll each semester until they graduate. Those are the full-time students who acquire their levels without academic delays. However, you will find Dropouts who enter a college and then leave without finishing their course. There are also Transfers who enter school, let it rest halfway through their course and sign up for another school using the aim of graduating for the reason that new school.

Factors affecting Student Retention:

Student retention is responsive to numerous influences, particularly: Academic Challenge, Student Engagement and Financial Ability. National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) studies have shown five clusters of student engagement activities are associated with preferred connection between college:

Academic Challenge

Active and collaborative learning

Student-faculty interaction

Enriching educational encounters

Supportive campus atmosphere

How CRM might help in Student Retention:

The opportunity to utilize predictive modeling strategies to profit the college or college in identifying students who require intervention, while there’s still time for you to turn them around will be a tool to possess in streamlining the management system. Getting a method in position which will instantly issue a reminder with the workflow process when an attrition risk factor seems on the student’s profile, therefore alerting the appropriate managers that intervention is needed, would without doubt be a great retention tool to help the school or university’s students in succeeding. A few of the advantages of getting this capacity could be:

Improve student retention rates.

Cut back time identifying at-risk students.

Intervene earlier to enhance student success.

Implement the best intervention strategies in the proper time.

Satisfy parent and student expectations for educational support.


Treat your student just like a customer

This is actually the central philosophy which Student Lifecycle CRM was created and built. Student Lifecycle CRM helps universites and colleges attract the best students, engage them assiduously, which help them succeed.

Products of Student Lifecycle CRM:

Enrollment CRM – Redefines the enrollment management by creating significant first impressions with prospective students, nurturing them through engaging conversations, utilizing multi-funnel communication modes for example Email, SMS, Phone, Social Networking, and offering personalized 1-1 attention and repair. This lays the building blocks to construct lasting relationships among campus constituents.

Success CRM – It’s primary goal would be to engage students and improve success. Students, especially individuals who’re at the start of the existence-cycle, need to navigate the campus ecosystem to obtain what they need and deliver exactly what the school needs. The college system, especially large ones, could be cumbersome or even insensitive to the requirements of a person student. Success CRM aims to accept chaos from the system and personalize service for a person student’s needs. The driving philosophy of the method is that ‘know your student to be able to develop a relationship with him’.

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