Preparing for the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)? The SAT is one of the most prestigious global-level standardizes tests taken up the aspiring candidates who wish to get admission for UG courses in some of the most reputed colleges & universities of the US & other countries. The preparation process for the SAT test involves a lot of dedication and hard work in order to clear the test and get admission in the dream college.

If you are an aspiring candidate wishing to clear the SAT 2018, then here are some of the most important resources that you might need for the SAT 2018 preparations. This list of important preparatory resources will help you prepare in the right manner such that you clear the test at the first attempt.

  • org: This is the official website of the College Board –the administrative unit responsible for conducting the SAT test every year. On this site, you will come across a plethora of important resources and information that you might need to clear the SAT test. There are various sample questions, a “Question of the Day”, practice tests, various tutorials, previous year question sets, and much more for the aid of the candidates. Additionally, the College Board’s official site also offers important tips & strategies for the candidates to help them clear the SAT exam at the first attempt.
  • The Princeton Review: This is another vital online site that lets the candidates accelerate their SAT 2018 preparations in the most effective manner. Here, you can come across various online SAT practice exams that are available for free. Once you have taken the free test, you receive a detailed exam report specifying your total scores. Additionally, the candidates also receive personalized tips from the SAT experts on ways of improving their SAT scores the next time.
  • Test Prep Review: This site is known for offering free practice tests for various standardized tests including the SAT test. On this site, you can test yourself on different SAT sections. Moreover, you are also allowed to select the specific types of problems that you would like to practice in order to hone your respective skill set.
  • Khan Academy: The official site of Khan Academy offers a full suite of comprehensive SAT practice sets that are available for free trials. In addition to the practice sets, there are also various personalized practice tests that are based on the individual results of the diagnostic tests. Moreover, on the given online portal, you can also come across various important videos, booklets, and other important resources that might help you immensely with the SAT 2018 preparations.
  • Kaplan: When you visit this site, you must check out the specialized SAT Turbo test offered by Kaplan for free. This is basically the shortened version of the major SAT exam offered by Kaplan which helps the candidates to analyze their possible scores when they would take the real SAT.

Good luck for the SAT 2018!

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