Even the best students have a tough time with JC H2 Math. The jump is difficult because the contents and lessons demand extreme attention and practice. For the uninitiated, 60% of JC H2 Math is about general mathematics, while remaining 40% is more about statistics. In pure math, you will learn a lot of the topics that were at least a part of Secondary School, along with new things. Statistics is probably going to be harder, because it’s new and includes probability among other things. You need to be good with the basics of mathematics, algebra and trigonometry, and must have impeccable knowledge and practice of both integration and differentiation. So, how can you score better? Here are some quick tips!

Get help

If you don’t have the time and resources to learn things at home, consider taking h2 maths tuition. There are some incredible tuition centers, which help students from the scratch. Even if you have missed classes in school, you can start at the right level. Be careful of your choice of tuition teacher though. Select an academy that has smaller batches, so that you can learn effectively and can get personal attention from the tutor. Your tutor will also guide you on the question patterns and all the common mistakes that students often make.

There are no last-minute miracles

This is probably something that you know by now. JC H2 math requires practice, so don’t expect to get an easy question paper. It is also important to study in a more planned way, because the chapters and segments of the subject are linked to one another, and you cannot skip one and score better in others. Start early and practice as much as you can, because there are no shortcuts.

Plan your schedule

Math is just a part of curriculum, so you don’t want to spend your time on just one subject. As a student, you have to learn the basics of time management, as early as possible, because this will also help you in the exam. It is also a good idea to have a

daily schedule. Talk to your tutor if you need additional assistance in this regard. You need to make time for everything else in life too.

Also, there are enough options in tuition centers, so please check if the concerned tutor is going to offer notes and is open to discussing questions and problems with students.

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