Unemployed Professors is a Montreal-based company that boasts about offering quality writing services for students and academics. The company, founded in 2011, writes student essays for students who simply do not want to do the essay or because of other reasons.

The name of the site is derived from the people who write the student papers, college professors who have been disenfranchised as is stated in the website. The site offers many professional services for students in any academic level. Some of these include essays in various fields, theses and dissertations among others. Some of these are reviewed below.

  1. Services for high school students

The site offers several paper and essay services to high school students. Due to the simplistic nature of the work to be done, bids on these papers can range anywhere from 5 to 10 dollars per page. Some high school papers that can be done by the writers at Unemployed Professors include term papers, book reports and reviews, movie reviews and articles and article critiques. Besides these, there are other services that high school students can offer such as editing, proofreading and formatting services.

High school students seeking to join college can also benefit from their services and have their admission essays, scholarship essays and personal statement essays written for them. These can be quite helpful for non-native English speakers.

  1. Services for undergrad students

Unemployed professors also claim to have the ability to write college-undergraduate papers and essays according to their writing services page. These include the aforementioned high school papers and additional others such as math, physics, economics units and programming. Reaction papers, lab reports and research papers are also listed among the services they offer. They can also make PowerPoint presentations, resumes and several other projects for undergraduates. The high level of writers in the employ of Unemployed Professors guarantee quality work even at this level.

  1. Services for post grad students

Few professional writing websites offer to write postgraduate papers but Unemployed Professors does. The experiences academics and unemployed professors that form part of the work force at the site seem to be doing great work based on the number of positive reviews on the internet.

Some of these postgraduate services that they offer include thesis proposal, writing the thesis itself, research proposals and dissertations. They also offer to write parts of the dissertation or thesis such as the abstract, methodology, results and discussions. Editing, formatting and proofreading services are also offered by the site.

  1. Miscellaneous services

Some unorthodox services listed on the site include resume and CV writing, cover letter writing, speech and presentation writing, personal statements and admission essays such as scholarship essays and admission essays. You can also assign an unemployed professor to complete a multiple-choice paper for you. Any papers not listed on the website can be custom made on the projects page and a writer who can do it will bid on it. Provided it is legal, the site promises clients to do any written work.

Other activities that are run on the site

The Unemployed Professors site, besides writing articles, papers and essays, also run a book business. They rent and sell college text books on the site at an affordable price. The site also buys books from students who no longer need them and are in need of cash.


The huge number of services offered gives them an edge over competitors. It also shows the level of skill that the writers who write for the site hold; not just anyone can write anything you throw at them. Moreover, most services are available at a reasonable fee, making it a good place to get your paper done and the best place for a custom essay.

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