Every teacher handles the way in which they provide themselves attention and care is different. One thing that remains the same amongst these self-care methods is that they’re meant to help release feelings of stress and tension throughout the school year. Where one teacher may find immense value in a hot shower after work, another may go a more extreme route and partake in a weight lifting session. The truth is, every teacher needs to find the hobbies or activities that support their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. While they must check off these boxes, they must also be accessible enough to the point that a teacher can incorporate them throughout the school week, sometimes even during school hours. Movement before class begins, spending the morning writing in a journal, or even fifteen minutes of meditation before class are all incredible ways to incorporate self-care that aren’t too time intensive on a teacher’s schedule. Ending the day with reflection and positive self-talk can be invaluable after a day spent in the classroom. Hoping to learn more about the ways in which self-care can improve your routine throughout the school year? Be sure to check out the infographic paired alongside this post.

Teacher Self-Care 101

Check out Teacher Self-Care 101, provided by Curriculum Associates; an organization specializing in providing your student a personalized phonics based reading program.

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