When it comes to our children’s education, many parents seem to forget that it isn’t just about passing tests and coming first in class because it is also about personal development as well. Many people have been successful in this life who didn’t do well in school and they still went on to become multi-millionaires and social influencers as well. This is not encouraging your child not to get a good education but it does point out that success is possible without a school education. Lots of learning takes place in schools, but it is equally important that learning takes place outside educational institutions.

This is why learning service journeys have become so popular with schools and parents alike. Everyone now realises the importance of lifelong learning because we as humans want to get out there and to explore, we want to grow and we want to improve upon our current quality of life. Everyone is a lifelong learner and we are learning new things every day that we are on this planet. If you are a parent who possesses over academics then maybe the following benefits of life learning for your kids can help you to have a better appreciation of it.

  • It helps to motivate – Many children learn differently and while some can learn quickly from reading, others pick it up faster by listening or by looking at diagrams and pictures. Children can become very de-motivated when stuck in a classroom five days a week for a great majority of the year and so taking them on learning journeys helps to motivate them and to encourage them to learn outside the classroom.
  • Improved skills – Communication is so important in this life and so any opportunity that your children get to communicate with their peers and to discuss their ideas can only be seen as very positive. There are many other skills to learn apart from how to pass tests and so getting outside of the school environment and learning about real things provide your children with a well-rounded education.
  • Better self-confidence – Children lack confidence needed to be able to assimilate into this world and so learning communication skills and gaining more knowledge outside the school environment can help to improve upon their self-confidence both in school and outside it.

It is clear to see that getting children outside the school environment into more natural surroundings is conducive to better learning outcomes.

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