It is not easy going through a college admission interview. Whether you are talking to one person or a panel of interviewers, it could be scary and it seems like these people will grill you like a suspect in a criminal trial. However, you need to understand the goal of these interviews is not to embarrass you but instead, they will help the admissions officers decide if you deserve to enter the university. During the interview, you need to relax; you could even use a hyperbole to inject humour. Show your personality and expect great results and to add to these, here are some other tips to help you ace that interview.

Answer the questions honestly

Avoid overthinking since it will not help you and try to be direct in answering the questions. Speak from the heart. Do not embellish your stories to make them sound better than what they really are since you don’t have time to think of your answers or to polish them. Therefore, you need to say whatever comes out of your mouth first.


You need to know who will be interviewing you. Research about the university, including its history and the mission-vision. It will help you wrap your answers in a way that impresses the interviewers and will also show your interest in joining the university.

Reread your essay

Apart from the interview, you might also have to submit an article which is another basis for determining if you will make it in the university – be sure to know the details in your essay. You also need to study your application documents as sometimes, the questions will help the admissions officers determine the veracity of your essay. If you are inconsistent, it could be a red flag for them.

Think quickly

You want to give the best possible answer, but you also do not want to take time in saying your response. Otherwise, the interviewers will think that you are not smart enough to respond right away. You want to create an impression that you could react under a time-pressured environment without feeling stressed.

Practice the obvious questions

There are recurring questions in an admissions interview. Usually, they include personal questions and questions related to academics. Sometimes, there are questions regarding your views on social issues. You can practice answering these questions so you will know what to do once you hear them.

Do not feel stressed

When you are nervous, it will show. You will sweat during the interview. You will stutter. You will slouch. All of these things will turn the interviewers off. You want to show them that you are confident. Yes, you feel nervous, but do not let your nerves show, or get the best of you.

Stand out

The goal is to stand out since there could be hundreds of other students waiting for the interview. Say something the interviewers will not forget. It could be a funny story. It could be a life experience that shaped you. Anything that is honest but memorable would be worth it.

Hopefully, things will turn out the way you wanted and pass this obstacle with flying colours.


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