Vocabulary in any language plays an essential role. In order to learn Chinese well, you must dedicate yourself to improve your Chinese vocabulary. And this article by a Chinese language school will tell you how to do the same.

  1. Draw a Chinese vocabulary tree.

Begin with a topic of your interest like shopping or playing sports. Write this main topic in the middle of a paper. Then, add branches from the main subject and use associated phrases or words as the title. It is more like the mind mapping done used for idea generation process. If you want to learn new words to build your vocabulary, look them up in a dictionary. Always use a dictionary of the latest edition and entails phonetics. That bestows a themed vocabulary list that can be reviewed quickly.

  1. Use Chinese vocabulary flashcards.

The best way to quickly learn the Chinese words is to make your own flashcards. By this, you can remember the details better like the correct stroke order of the letters. It also indulges you to purchase more flashcards, but know that buying them is better than ignoring them. Apart from learning the Chinese characters, flashcards also help in recognizing the voice of each character. Flashcards also help in getting familiar with Chinese when used on a regular basis and added to your collection as the vocabulary expands.

  1. Being aware of what you are trying to learn and render it meaningful

The reason why you forget the characters is by merely cramming up useless data in your head. In other words, remember by character parts, individual characters, characters and words, and then combining these three. When it comes to reviewing your flashcards, actively study the cards which you are striving to learn. Repetition is just not enough and you must always use what you have learned on a regular basis so as not to forget it.

  1. When you read Chinese vocabulary out loud, you learn the language better

Apart from visually processing the language, you also practice speaking and have the auditory memory to assist you significantly. Read Chinese from books, newspapers, and magazines to have a better sense of how the language is used in various contexts. Your vocabulary will expand significantly when you level up by reading tough material. In order to stay motivated, always read the topic that interests you the most like a magazine that showcases your interest.

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