The health benefits are limitless. In terms of productivity, it causes a significant increase in office workers and users generally. It gives you room to accomplish more from your office desk. The reports and reviews about smart desks are endless, and if we were to keep mentioning them, you would probably lose interest before the next paragraph.

The fact that you are reading this means that you must have probably heard of the smart desk somewhere or read a few reviews of your own and are eager to know more. Well, during the course of this article, we will consider the concept of the smart desk. Then we will outline the facts and let you decide whether the smart desk is worth your effort and resources.

What is Smart Desk?

A smart desk is simply any work surface that makes use of modern technology, including power and data, to make the surface more efficacious within the workplace. The major goal is to fit all the essential components of a workplace onto the smart desk without compromising its sleek nature. The aim of this goal is to increase productivity by saving or maximizing time.

A good representation of an office desk

Typically, a smart desk in recent times is to be fitted with:

  • A touchscreen console
  • A central processing unit (CPU),
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and
  • Sufficient power outlets.

The above smart desk is just the most basic combination in recent times. More sophisticated and technologically advanced smart desks are being developed periodically. An example of a more sophisticated smart desk is one which contains:

  • Three touch screen monitors
  • A document scanner
  • Wireless earbuds (for calls) tucked neatly in a drawer beneath the desk
  • A wireless charging pad
  • An additional effect of gesture sensitivity

All these fixtures and many more are in place to make your office life much more interesting and productive.

In an office, academic setting, or business place, there are a lot of ways in which smart desk modifications can be made. We will only outline a few of these ways:

  • Typically as adjustable height tables.
  • Upgraded and well-fitted podiums.
  • Well fitted conference tables, etc.

Meanwhile, for those who are interested in using the smart desk but are not keen on changing their office furniture, provision has been made. Conversion kits are available in the market to meet their needs. All they need to do is purchase the conversion kit of their choice and convert your normal desk to a smart desk. This provision is effective but might not be as effective as a complete smart desk.

Is the Smart Desk Worth it? (Facts)

In determining if a smart desk is worth it, the very first consideration should be money. Prices vary as the smart desk, and their components vary. Once you have chosen what smart desk you prefer and have decided that you are satisfied with the amount, you can consider the following:

  • Health Benefits: There are a lot of articles and magazines stating that the health benefits of the smart desk alone are worth it. This is because sedentary workers are more prone to some diseases or anatomical problems that a little exercise can help them avoid. The smart desk allows you to stand and sit alternatively as a form of exercise without stopping your work. It keeps track of how much time you spend sitting and how much time you spend standing. It tries to suggest which of the both you need to do more to better your health (a suggestion you could ignore). But some argue that the health benefits of standing are negligible. Nevertheless, any exercise is better than no exercise, wouldn`t you agree?
  • Productivity: The ability of the smart desk to increase productivity (even if by a little margin) is another reason it is loved by its users. It studies your work pattern and serves to remind you “when” is appropriate for “what.” Your phone could do the same thing, but wouldn`t it be awesome if you could leave the potential distractions of your phone aside? Besides, it puts every essential thing at arms-length. So you do not need to wait to use the scanner or keep looking for the stapler.
  • Appearance: Everyone wants an office setting they can be proud of. The smart desk gives an office a technologically advanced and more modern air or appearance. The smart desk improves the first impression of visitors and clients. On the other hand, does the appearance of the office really matter?

So, if you have decided that the price is not a problem and are just wondering if it would be worth it or useful? Hopefully, that question is answered.

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