When it comes to education and thinking about what makes a good school, it really all comes down to the teachers. The teachers are what makes a school, not the school itself, without the teachers there would be no school, but to make the school a successful one there are some key attributes that the teachers must have.

Teachers need to know their stuff

The teacher knowing their content is really important, after all, how can somebody teach to the best of their ability if they are not fully prepared? Some students may not be learning because the teacher hasn’t learned what is expected of them in the first place. Whilst knowing is important, experience is key, a first-year teacher will likely not have as much experience as a teacher who has been in the job for few years. Teachers at an international middle school would all be fully qualified and have experience.

Teachers must have faith

A truly successful teacher must have a particular mindset, that of, all students can learn. If a teacher does not believe or have faith that the children can learn then they are the wrong person for the job. Sure, everybody learns at different rates and in different ways, but everybody can learn, it’s what makes us so special as a people.

Teachers need to be open minded

In such a diverse world teachers must be open minded, understanding that each student will have different attributes and struggles, aside from learning and teaching itself students come from a range of different backgrounds. Particularly in International schools, racial, ethnical, linguistic or economic circumstances must be taken into consideration but at the same time the teacher must practice equality, understanding that everybody is different by displaying a level of acceptance that allows them to treat everybody as individuals but at the same time to treat them equally.


Whilst your child is learning to communicate and learn, how is the school relaying this information to you? It is of utmost importance that the teacher and school as a whole, support clear communication channels between themselves and the parents. News of success is important, but so is news of ways in which the parents can help their child outside of the classroom, constructive feedback is priceless.

Teachers need the correct equipment

If you believe that a school is only as good as the teachers, then it makes sense that the teachers are only as good as the tools that they have at their disposal. A teacher is only as good as the equipment they use might sound like a brash statement to make but it is absolutely true, the school must support the teachers and make sure that they have every bit of equipment that is needed to do the best possible job.

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